Why it's important to clean unreachable windows

Why It’s Important to Clean Unreachable Windows

While it may seem like an impossible task and something every property owner or renter scrambles to avoid, cleaning unreachable windows is one of those things you just have to do. Whether you lease a high-rise office building, own a 3-storey house or just simply live in a place with hard-to-reach windows, figuring out how to clean them comes with the territory. Today we’ll be learning why it’s important to clean unreachable windows and how you can make sure every window in your home or business is efficiently and regularly cleaned to maintain a sparkling shine.

What tools are used to clean large, high windows?

The type of tool used to clean tall windows depends on the type of clean they need.

They may only need a light dust, in which case, a high-reaching duster kit will work wonders.

If a full scrub and clean is needed, the tools used to clean unreachable windows might include an extendable squeegee blade, a microfibre cloth, a high-quality scrubber brush and a non-toxic cleaning solution.

There are quite a few DIY window cleaning products on the market, but these can be flimsy, easily broken and they generally don’t provide a truly shine-worthy clean. It’s always best to call in the professionals and allow them to put their high-quality window cleaning tools to use.

The importance of cleaning unreachable windows

It’s important to clean unreachable windows for a number of reasons including:

Allergen removal

If dust collects on your windows indoors (even the ones that sit out of reach), it can cause allergies in people who are sensitive to hay fever and house dust.

Increase natural light

Dust and grime on windows can seriously block the amount of Vitamin D that makes its way into your home. A good dose of sunshine is not only healthy, but it can also help lift the mood in any home or business!

Avoid hard water stains

You know those little trails that appear on windows after rainfall or after a non-professional cleaning job? They can seriously damage both the look and the functionality of windows, especially if they’re inaccessible and not cleaned often.

Maintain aesthetics

When dust, dirt, grime and other nasties gather on a window, it can leave the entire building’s aesthetic looking a little worse for wear. A professional window clean will ensure your building sparkles from both the inside and outside.

A window cleaner doing work that looks unreachable
Window Cleaners doing work that looks unreachable

Who can clean unreachable windows

Again, the best way to clean unreachable windows is to call in the professionals. Attempting a DIY clean on inaccessible windows can result in injury, damage to the window itself or simply a cleaning job that’s not exactly crystal clear.

If you’d like any help cleaning your unreachable windows, please do get in touch with our friendly team of cleaners. We’re proud to be one of the best window cleaning services Melbourne has to offer!

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