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Why Clean your Windows

Why Clean Your Windows?
As mentioned in our article, cleaning your windows can be time consuming, strenuous and dangerous. So you might not want to bother. Making sure your windows are clean is more important than you might think. Here’s five reasons why.

Removing allergens. The dust on your windows can collect over time and contribute to hay fever also called “allergic rhinitis”. Most humans are allergic to house dust, so if you find you’re particularly coughy and sneezy, or your eyes are itchy, maybe it’s time to get your windows cleaned.

Dirty windows are ugly. This is quite harsh but true. Windows just happen to look a lot nicer when they’re clean! Your house guests will be envious of your shiny clean windows and lovely views (they’ll be surprised what a difference it makes). You will feel house proud, fresh and hygienic.

Natural light is good for you. Yes vitamin-D! With your shiny cleaned windows being prettier, you’ll be more likely to open up your curtains to let that natural light in. Also, a build-up of dirt can create a film on your windows that might stifle the amount of light that is coming in. By allowing more light in, you’ll get more vitamin D, an essential nutrient that our human bodies cannot produce on their own. You’ll be happier and healthier!
Save on electricity. Once you’ve started opening your curtains more often, you won’t need to switch on the light as much! This will save you money on your electricity energy bill, and helps the environment.

Avoiding hard water stains. When you regularly get your windows cleaned, you will avoid hard water stains; this is very true around swimming pool glass fences. Hard water stains are drip-like marks on your windows which do not go away with regular window cleaning alone. This can be very expensive to rectify, and could permanently affect your windows! To remove hard water stains we need to use a special acid chemical.
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