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What Are Window Cleaning Crystals?

If you’re not familiar with the window cleaning industry, you may have never even heard of window cleaning crystals (or Full Crystal window cleaner). This article is going to help you understand what they are, how they work and how they should be used, as well as touching on some frequently asked questions that some of our clients have come to us with. By the time we’re done here, it’ll be ‘crystal’ clear!

What are window cleaning crystals and how do they work?

Window cleaning crystals are a chemical mix that’s been created specifically to dissolve grease and grime and add shine to your windows. So, is Full Crystal window cleaner any good? Let’s find out.

Full Crystal Powder

Window cleaning crystal mixtures contain a plethora of ingredients including isopropyl alcohol, monoethanolamine and butyl glycol. All hard to pronounce. All chemicals that are flammable and can be hazardous and toxic to humans when excessively exposed.

When you buy window cleaning crystals, you generally get a bottle filled with crystal mixture that attaches to your hose. You prep the mixture and follow the instructions to hose down your windows with the crystal cleaning fluid, then use a vent or nozzle on the bottle to swap back over to clean water to rinse it off. Sounds convenient and easy to use, right? We agree, but there are also downsides to using crystal window cleaner.

You do need to ensure you follow the instructions to a T. If too much crystal mixture is left on the windows, they may be left with permanent streaking. On the other hand, over rinsing can mean the crystals don’t actually have any effect and your effort was for naught.

Are window cleaning crystals bad for animals?

Are window cleaning crystals bad for animals

As per the warning label on the bottle, the chemical should be kept out of reach of children and pets. The chemicals in the mixture can cause irritation to eyes and skin, which isn’t just for humans but for animals and insects as well. It’s important to dispose properly of products like this to avoid our native fauna friends becoming sick, or worse from ingesting or touching the crystals. If it gets into our waterways, will it harm the beautiful wildlife who call rivers, streams and oceans home? Truth be told, we’re not sure we want to find out…

Can window cleaning crystals kill vegetable gardens?

Can window cleaning crystals kill vegetable gardens

It’s definitely not a great idea to spray or pour leftover window cleaning crystal mixture directly onto your veggie patch. Some of the chemicals used to make the cleaning mix are corrosives which means they may eat away at the things they come into contact with, including your flowers, trees and veggies!

Even the back spray from cleaning the windows may make its way onto your garden, leaving everything coated in chemicals and slowly harming your tasty vegetables and fruits. The product label will generally mention that the ingredients are harmless to plants and shrubs but it seems that corrosive, flammable and toxic components would have the opposite effect, don’t you think?

What sort of hose do you use with crystal window cleaner?

What sort of hose do you use with crystal window cleaner

A high-pressure garden hose is generally needed in order to use this product to its full extent. Some brands say you can use a normal garden hose, but it may not reach the heights you need it to reach. If there’s not enough pressure behind the cleaning solution and the water used to rinse it, your windows may be left with streaks, that can damage them permanently if left unchecked.

The cleaning process isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, with enough trial and error you’ll likely find the perfect combination of mixture, water pressure and rinsing, but who knows how long that might take?

Should you use window cleaning crystals on your windows?

Although using Full Crystal window cleaner may be convenient (if you’ve got a high-pressure garden hose), the cons tend to outweigh the pros in our eyes. The nasty chemicals and the harm they do to our environment (and our bodies if we’re exposed to them) is not worth the convenience.

If you’re thinking of picking up some window cleaning crystals for a DIY window clean, why not give us a call instead?

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Here at Window Cleaning Melbourne, we use the trusty squeegee method to make sure your windows are clean and clear for the foreseeable future. Other cleaning companies may use window cleaning crystals or other methods but we’re happy doing things from the heart. We like to get up close and personal with the windows to make sure they’re 100% free from any dirt, grime or dust. We also avoid window cleaning crystals to do our part in keeping Mother Earth happy and healthy.

If you’d like us to make friends with your long-neglected windows and help give them a much-needed clean, head across to our contact page and let us know how we can help!

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