How Do You Clean Windows With A Water Fed Pole?

How Do You Clean Windows With A Water Fed Pole?

The art of window cleaning certainly has evolved over time. The expansion of residential and commercial properties into much taller buildings, has called for an array of modern cleaning methods to ensure even the highest of dirt and grime is able to be reached and eradicated. Among the list of innovative equipment used to reach every last inch of taller windows, is the water fed pole. Read on to find out exactly what a water fed pole is and why it’s so useful in window cleaning.

What is a water fed window cleaning pole system?

Basically, the window cleaning water fed pole (or Tucker Pole) was born from the ingenious mind of Irv Tucker, an inventive businessman who was always on the hunt for innovative ideas to help make life easier. In the 1950s he invented the very first instance of a professional home/car cleaning kit that included an adjustable pole, brush and hose. He paired up with window cleaner Craig Mawlam in 1993 and Mawlam expanded the original idea, turning it into the modern water fed pole system we all know and love.

Over the years, the water fed pole has evolved into a lean, mean window cleaning machine! The way it works is by utilising the length of hollow pole to stabilise a hose in order to reach purified water up to the higher areas of a house, office building or other type of property. A brush is able to be clipped onto the end of the pole in order to really scrub the windows for a squeaky-clean finish.

Some water fed poles do come with a cleaning fluid distribution facility. Often the fluid is placed in the water canister to flow up the pole or it dispenses from a container at the top of the pole near the brush itself.

DID YOU KNOW? The London Eye, a large Ferris wheel and well-known British landmark is professionally cleaned using water fed poles!

What are the different types of water fed pole window cleaning equipment?

A few different bits and pieces go into this method of window cleaning, not just the telescopic pole itself.

In order to properly utilise the full cleaning power of a water fed pole, you’ll have to complement it with a couple of other window cleaning supplies and, of course, some quality water and water treatment supplies.

A good quality water fed pole cleaning kit will include the following, give or take a few items depending on the cleaning service and the task at hand:

  • A lengthy hose and reel.
  • A pole hose (the actual hose that runs up inside the pole itself).
  • A portable de-ionisation system (usually on a trolley) to ensure the water is of a high standard and purified.
  • Cleaning fluid or resin to ensure solids are dissolved and the window dries clean without spots or water marks.
  • A brush attachment for scrubbing.
  • The pole itself which is usually constructed from a strong carbon fibre.
  • A pressure gauge to measure up to 150psi.
  • All the required adapters/connectors to hitch all the different parts together.

You can generally find pumps and additional helpful items that allow for window cleaning in remote places or areas without access to a water source. Of course, there are a range of other water fed pole system parts that come into play depending on the window cleaning job or the service provided, however the basics are listed above.

Window Cleaning with telescopic pole

How to use a window cleaning pole

Once you’ve connected your window cleaning extension pole and attached the brush to the end, you simply set yourself up under the window, on a ladder or on the ground. If a ladder is involved, it always pays to have an extra person to hold it steady.

Then, pull the trigger on the pole handle or turn the system on and you’re ready to go! Reach the brush up to the window you need to clean, using the pole extension, and scrub the entire window surface, including any nooks and crannies on ledges or under windowsills.

When the scrubbing is complete, simply rinse the window from the top down using the water pressure from the hose/pole combo.

Best tips for window cleaning with a pole

  • Use high-quality, purified water to avoid streaking.
  • Safety is always key when window cleaning at heights is involved.
  • Don’t try and clean your windows without the proper training. It’s a dangerous job and could cause more harm than good if not done properly.
  • Scrub hard. Sometimes a little elbow grease is needed to get built up dirt and grime out those hard-to-reach places.

A water fed pole is the perfect way to clean windows up to 5-6 storeys, not just double storey homes or low-rise offices. You’ve learned how the job is done, but do you really want to get up there and do it yourself? To save time and resources on window cleaning, call in a professional, as you would with any other service.

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