How Do You Clean High Windows Without a Ladder?

Just the thought of having to clean high windows can be enough to want to move to a single-storey home or office space. We’re sure that entrepreneurs, real estate moguls and homeowners can all agree that cleaning inaccessible windows is a job that nobody wants to do. It’s made even more difficult if you don’t have a ladder to reach those high surfaces.

So, how do you clean high windows without a ladder and ensure you get a shine on your windows that’s gleaming and long-lasting? Let’s find out…

Why clean high windows?

Cleaning high windows may be a seriously annoying chore, but it is definitely an important one. Allowing dirt, grime and other materials to build up on any window or glass surface is a big no-no.

Build up can lead to an unsightly property – clean windows can be the difference between creating an inviting, welcoming space and a space that looks unkempt and a little bit gross.

It’s also important to clean not only the outside, but the inside of your high windows. Dust can build up creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for allergens to congregate and cause house guests or business clients to have an allergic reaction.

How to clean exterior windows without a ladder?

Cleaning high windows without a ladder is a bit of an art form, to be honest. There’s no easy way to do it, but we’ve figured out the best way to reach those unreachable spots by using professional window cleaning gear like:

  • Ropes and harnesses
  • Extendable squeegees
  • High pressure hoses
  • And more…

When it comes to cleaning windows that are out of reach, having quality equipment is important, but there is a level of skill and safety involved that only trained professionals should attempt.

Cleaning High-Rise Windows Without a Ladder
Cleaning High-Rise Windows Without a Ladder

High window cleaning tips

Safety is key

Skyscraper window cleaning is one of the worlds most dangerous jobs, according to a 2013 Sydney Morning Herald article. We can definitely see why! Whether you’re using a ladder to clean high windows or not, there are always risks involved. A simple misstep could mean a fall from 3-storeys up or 40-storeys up – either one with the ability to cause serious injury or death. Ensuring the right safety steps are followed is key to cleaning high windows, with or without a ladder .

Use the right equipment

We only use the highest quality equipment because we know our clients expect the best. Plus, going back to the point about safety – high quality equipment definitely reduces the risk of injury while cleaning windows that are out of reach.

Invest in a professional window cleaning service

Yep. We are going to shamelessly plug our business here because we truly believe that the BEST window cleaning tip is to invest in a trusted window cleaning service. This not only helps preserve your safety, but it means you’ll get a gleaming window clean without any effort on your part.

Get in touch with us if you’re in need of window cleaning for your residential or commercial properties. We also provide services to real estate agencies and body corporate managers for those jobs that can’t be passed on to tenants.