Professional window cleaner at work

5 Reasons you should hire a Professional Window Cleaner

Thinking of Cleaning Your Windows?

Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner…

On the surface it might seem cheaper, easier and less hassle to clean all your windows yourself. We are here to tell you that this is not really the case, particularly if your windows are high reach requiring access equipment! Here are five reasons you should save yourself the stress and hire someone else to do it.

It’s not as easy as you think it is.

Window cleaning is actually a very strenuous activity, you could be left with no energy to complete the other chores of your day. Apart from all of the physical effort involved, it takes extreme attention to detail to actually achieve a perfect shiny finish. Professional Window Cleaners are trained to see glass in a different way to the rest of us. That may seem a bit weird but it’s actually true! If our bodies aren’t accustomed to something, we can become tired from only 20 minutes of an all-new-actiivty!

Windex isn’t very satisfactory.

Windex is marketed as a streak-free, easy solution to cleaning windows, glass and mirrors in your home. For many reasons, it’s almost impossible to achieve the streakless finish pictured on the bottle. On top of that, it’s not good for your body to be in such close contact with unfamiliar chemical fumes. Windex contains ammonium hydroxide, which doesn’t just sound totally nasty, but is actually poisonous. You don’t really want to be breathing that in! Window Cleaning Melbourne uses clean water by the bucket full, mixed with mild, non-toxic cleaning products that won’t hurt your home and garden!

It can be dangerous.

Aside from the risk of straining a muscle when trying to clean your windows, there are a few risks involved. Namely, if you have any windows that you need to use ladders to access, this can really cause issues. Ladders are heavy and unsafe, and you’ll need a friend to foot the ladder for you! At WCM Window Cleaning Melbourne, we have efficient and affective extension poles and water-fed poles for higher, that eliminate the need for any ladders. We also have strict OH&S guidelines and liability to help manage any risks. We also can clean your gutters safely!

It’s very time consuming.

Do you really have eight hours to go around, scrubbing all of your windows? You’re a busy person. You have better things to do. Just think of all of the other things you could do in that time. You could catch up on coffee with a neighbour, or just put your feet up. You could walk your dog and take your kids to the movies. You could cook a BBQ while you watch the pros do that hard work for you!

Honestly, who can be bothered?

Seriously, all that fly screen removing, flyscreen juggling, spider cobweb brushing, scrubbing, re-scrubbing… it’s just too much. Can you be bothered? Well, the team at Window Cleaning Melbourne can today!